Pet Sitting without the price tag!

Your perfect pet sitter could live down the road!

How it works


Some people need pet sitters

  • Most of our pet sitters charge very little as they do it for the love of pet sitting.
  • Find people who have experience with your animal.
  • Search for sitters with the same animal as yours

Some people love pet sitting

  • Pet Sit your favourite animal
  • Offer to sit peoples pets near you
  • Search for animals/breeds near you

What our members say


    " We travel all the time but miss having a dog around. The great thing about Pet Around is that we can pet sit when we want to without the full time responsibility "

    Tom And Claire


    " Im happy to look after your cat if your happy to look after Millie! "



    " I have always loved reptiles but didn´t realise there were so many other reptile lover´s who lived in my town "



    " This site has saved me a lot of money in Kennel fees. I have made some great contacts to leave Max with when I am away. They do it for free AND he prefers it. "




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